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Nuts About Reading (TM) – Informal Reading Assessment

Nuts About Reading

According to UNESCO, there are nearly 800 million people in the world who are illiterate, including 126 million youth. If a child can’t read, it is a major setback to their self-esteem. Low self-esteem acts out in many ways, not the least of which is through ‘bullying.’ Bullying is becoming epidemic in America.

As a reading specialist, I have personally witnessed the low self-esteem of struggling readers and their experiences at the hands of bullies. Most struggling readers do not ‘believe’ in themselves.

Parents, How Can You Help?

Reading Lasts A Lifetime

Frequent supplemental, ‘informal reading assessment’ can identify your child’s grade level reading ability and highlight areas that need strengthening in the reading process. Monitoring reading level and reading growth can help your child become a successful reader.

When Do I Screen?

At a minimum, reading screens should be administered twice a year; once at the beginning of the school year and once at the end. This identifies weak areas in a child’s reading process and allows for tutoring to strengthen these weak areas.

Nuts About Reading Assessment

When Should I Start?

Reading assessment begins with Grade 1 through 3. This allows for early intervention to address any reading difficulties. Monitoring the reading process begins at birth and continues through adult.

How Long Does the Assessment Take?

The time allowed for a screening session is one hour, depending upon the age of the child. A complete summary overview along with suggested activities for the parent will be forwarded. Fees: $85.00 per child [fee includes 2 online reading assessment screens: a Pre and a Post screen per year, plus summary reports. Fees are non-refundable. Re-scheduling will be provided.]

NOTE: The screen administered is not a clinical diagnosis.

How Do I Start?

Have Questions? E-MAIL MRS. C  at kristin@buckaroobuckeye.com or schedule a 15-minute PRE-SCREENING consultation, prior to purchase. PURCHASE HERE. Upon receipt of payment, Mrs. Cetone will contact you to schedule the day and time for your child’s session.

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