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Meet Mrs. C, Author & Reading Specialist

Buckaroo’s story mirrors my life journey of self-discovery as I overcame bumps and disappointments to discover my place of value as a Reading Specialist and helping struggling readers achieve. Born in Dayton, Ohio, I meandered many miles over the years before putting down new roots in the Arizona desert.

Kristin Cetone
Kristin Cetone, Reading Specialist for ages K-Adult
  • I earned my B.S. degree in Elementary Education from The Ohio State University
  • My Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from Northern Arizona University
  • Reading Specialist certification for grades K-12 along with my ESL endorsement
  • Have provided educational services for over thirty years

If a child can’t read, it is a major setback to their self-esteem. Guiding and nurturing the pathway to become a successful reader helps to build self-esteem in children, beginning with:

  • Read Aloud Books, and Parents who frequently read aloud to their children starting at birth
  • Beginning in first grade with regular, informal, reading assessment to identify strengths and any weaknesses in the reading process. This prepares the path of intervention and monitoring of reading level and growth.
  • If there is a significant gap in grade level reading ability by Grade 3, it becomes a difficult game of catch up!
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I created Buckaroo Buckeye™ and all of my products and services to inspire children to search for their passions, follow their dreams, and achieve reading success, while I empower parents to guide them on their journey.

My joy is helping others find the Buckaroo Buckeye in themselves. Happy Trails!

Mrs. C.
Buckaroo Buckeye is my name…
family and literacy is my game!

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